Drastic Ds Emulator

by Normand Kneebone

The Drastic DS Emulator is a closed source Nintendo Drastic DSEmulator created to be fully functional for PC. The current version, available for download above, is fully functional on basic computers and all currently released Nintendo Drastic DSgames have been confirmed to have full functionality As you can see in the screenshots provided, the Emulator does indeed allow you to experience the full 3D effect that has made the Nintendo Drastic DSthe most successful console of 2013. The game system loved around the world is now accessible for free for anyone who happens to have a PC.


The Drastic DSis extremely user friendly and a staple in any gamer's arsenal "drastic ds emulator paid apk", whether he be a casual gamer looking to play Mario Kart 7 or just wants to experience the fun of Pokemon X and Y for PC. The software will continue to be updated, so any new additions to the Drastic DSlibrary will continue to be playable using our Emulator.


This emulator comes as a complete package, meaning you just run the program and you are ready to enter the world of your favorite game. The file has been compressed using winrar which accounts for about a 1 mb difference. Other emulators need installation or are locked to special regions but our Nintendo Drastic DSEmulator is region free.

Keep in mind that the first time you launch this emu you will have the opportunity to alter your screen resolution. When you open the configuration tab the default resolution 800/240 and the lower screen 320x240 pixels. You can change this, but it WILL make the game you are playing more pixelated.

You may be fearing that there is one more step missing before you can begin using the Emulator. You think you need to have the original BIOS of Nintendo Drastic DSdon't you? This emulator does not require a Nintendo BIOS in order to operate. That's right, this is really the end-all be-all of Emulators!

Once you have set everything up, you can play Drastic DS& DS ROMS with this Drastic DSEmulator.

Disclaimer: The 'Nintendo Drastic DS' is not owned by us and are trademarks, copyright, etcetera, of Nintendo.

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