The Engine Computer Isn't really The Problem. What Now? AutoECMs.

by Normand Kneebone

When you state it would not start, do you indicate there was no noise in any way when transforming the ignition switch, there was a solitary loud beat from the starter however it really did not rotate the engine, or the engine cranked like normal however wouldn't run? This is affecting the 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004 and some 2005 Toyota Rav4 designs with transmission, either 4x4 (Also Known As: 4WD or AWD) or two-wheel drive (Also Known As: 2WD or FWD) designs, either sold in U.S.A (246,000 units) or internationally (200,000+ units), either left sided or right sided steering wheel or, either 2.0 L engine (1AZ-FE and 1AZ-FSE) or 2.4 L engine (2AZ-FE).

Some American lorries would blink their MIL (Inspect Engine Light) to communicate computer codes: Chrysler/Mopar would blink codes to you if you turned the ignition activate and off 3 times, leaving it on after the third time (This could still work!) If you shorted between 2 terminals of the computer adapter, GM would certainly blink codes.

I believed that the lorry reacted instead intermittently as opposed to informing me of an issue, as well as there should have been a recall by now if these lurking problems this article are ending up being a risk for many individuals that got the 2005 Ford Retreat not knowing just how the engine might give up at any moment.

Considering that Ford is utilizing this defect and usual trouble as a golden goose I needed to playing around for over a month discovering a location that would certainly repair my PCM as opposed to replace it, so instead of a $1.5 k+ new PCM I was ultimately able to fix the PCM for $400 with circuitboardmedics who verified it's a typical problem.

I would certainly suggest you tow the lorry to a car electrical contractor, ring around initially, make sure the sparky recognizes what automobile your driving, being an Astra, there could be a small opportunity that some might hang up on you, however don't tell them just what the auto mechanic has actually claimed, let the sparky locate the problem.

The trouble is that they are doing a extremely poor or insufficient work, perhaps as a result of that a number of them do not completely recognize the problem as well as causes of the failure in the ECM's circuit and are taking care of either the problem or part of it, but not the root cause of the issue, making the ECM to stop working again quickly.

The switching transistors for the coil went, and some excavating round discovered a raft of different ECU's with different component numbers, even in these older Fiestas, relying on points like the engine kind, whether it had air conditioning or otherwise, as well as the kind of control panel (i.e. some were easy without rev counters, others had a lot more dials on them).

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